Letter to RT network: Why RT.com Need A German News Channel – Russia – Europe – Germany – @RT_com

by Frank Kerkau on August 23, 2014

and why German-speaking countries need RT News in German language.

„Dear RT News Team,

in this time of a terrible civil war in the Eastern Ukraine we see a lot of lies and disinformation published by western media. The people have to handle an aggressive campaign against the Russian President Vladimir Putin, Russia and Russian People since over one year. Many of us are shocked about such audacity by self-appointed so called „independent“ private and state media in European countries.

Hence a lot of German-speaking people in Europe are interested in free and independent information about political, economic and cultural events around the world.

More than 150 Million German-speaking people live in Europe, thereof 100 Million native speakers. Therefore is German the most common language of our continent, if we believe Eurobarometer.

Moreover is Germany the economic strongest european country with a significant political and economic influence on the European Union. But Germany’s government guided by Chancellor Angela Merkel as well as the parliament parties CDU/CSU, SPD and the Green Party are conquered by interests of USA. How can such politicians free decide for interests of peaceful European people? How can voters decide without veritable information?

And last but not least the USA plans actually to expand its propaganda broadcaster Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty to treat the entire Russian country from Baltiysk to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

In this situation it’s necessary to create an alternative offer of high quality information in German language by a professional and strong media company. It’s important to explain for all German-speaking people the Russian policy, economy and culture as part of Europe. RT.com is a worldwide popular Network with actually three global news channels in English, Spanish and Arabic. It’s time to add a fourth news channel in German.

God bless you!

Frank Kerkau“

Feel free to copy and share this letter with your friends. It’s time to fight for truth!


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